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Child support enforcement can affect adult lives

Many Texas residents are aware that when parents choose to live separately, it is common to face a period of adjustment in which the best interest of all children involved must be determined. Typically, these proceedings include a child support order. While in most cases, financial support of a child is easily resolved, on some occasions it may become a tangled web of complications. 

Recently, a Texas businessman found himself in the midst of bankruptcy proceedings. While he likely expected an arduous task of settling debts with creditors, he surely did not expect to factor in decades old child support. Much to his surprise, he found himself facing a lien stemming from unpaid support from over 30 years ago. 

He has stated that his bankruptcy troubles have been complicated by the recent filing for child support by his ex-wife. While he has spent several months attempting to navigate his unrelated financial woes, a Texas county court has shown that child support enforcement must be taken just as seriously. He faces the task of fulfilling the back order while most of his bank accounts and assets are frozen. 

In situations where child support orders are a concern for one or both parties, persons involved may find the assistance of an experienced attorney to make all the difference. Sometimes such situations are easily remedied, while others may lead to a long road of legal ramifications. Whatever the case, it is important to take child support enforcement seriously, before it leads to financial complications that may affect more than family life. 

Source:, "Billy Abraham: 'Ludicrous' child support lien has tied my hands", Jerry Najera, March 15, 2018

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