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April 2018 Archives

Disobedience of child custody orders can lead to serious charges

Most Texas parents are likely aware that in many cases, a custody order is put in place by the court to assure that children have a good chance at a loving, stable relationship with their families. In cases where adult parties may not always agree on what is in the best interest of a child, the court will decide the child custody and visitation terms. While in most circumstances, child custody orders are put into place between parents, grandparents and other family members, on occasion, the state becomes involved. Such cases are common when a parent is suspected of placing a child in harm's way. 

Child custody case ends in tragedy

Many Texas residents are now likely familiar with the headlines involving the tragic case of the Hart family. For persons that may not be aware, a foster mother and her partner were found dead in their vehicle, after reportedly intentionally driving the family, which included six fostered or adopted children, off a cliff. Three of the children were found dead, and the other three have not yet been found. A child custody case resulting in loss of life, this has been a frightening story to many.

Willful failure to pay child support is a crime

Texas parents are probably aware that the costs of raising children continue to increase. In the case of parents that maintain separate households, a child support order may be put into place by a family court. Child support is a payment made to the custodial parent by the noncustodial parent, meant to contribute toward the financial needs of any children involved. The amount of the payments may remain the same, or may be adjusted to allow for changes in income or custody plans. 

Disobedience of court orders may cause loss of child custody

Many Texas parents choose to pursue an official court order when it comes to sorting custody issues. The purpose of a court order is to determine the best interest of any children involved, and it can be a difficult task for many parents to agree on child custody arrangements. Monetary support, dividing time with the child between both parents, living arrangements and education are some of many factors that can be considered.