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Disobedience of court orders may cause loss of child custody

Many Texas parents choose to pursue an official court order when it comes to sorting custody issues. The purpose of a court order is to determine the best interest of any children involved, and it can be a difficult task for many parents to agree on child custody arrangements. Monetary support, dividing time with the child between both parents, living arrangements and education are some of many factors that can be considered.

Many times, once an order is set in place, it can be peacefully followed by all parties involved. However, there are cases where some disgruntled parents attempt to take matters into their own hands. Such was the case in a recent Texas court battle. 

A 4-year-old girl was caught in the legal crossfire when both mother and father brought forth serious allegations against the other. The mother accused the father of inappropriate physical contact with his daughter. The father denied the accusations, and hired a private investigator to help clear his name. In turn, he accused the mother of attempting to manipulate the child against him. 

After a trial, the jury found in favor of the father. Texas parents should keep in mind that while any child custody proceedings can be stressful, the goal is to assure that any children involved wind up with a best case scenario. When the waters get muddy, it can be helpful to seek the services of an experienced attorney, who may be able to assist in the utilization of the legal process. 

Source:, "Father wins child custody battle after bitter fight with Beaumont mother", Angel San Juan, March 29, 2018

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