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Willful failure to pay child support is a crime

Texas parents are probably aware that the costs of raising children continue to increase. In the case of parents that maintain separate households, a child support order may be put into place by a family court. Child support is a payment made to the custodial parent by the noncustodial parent, meant to contribute toward the financial needs of any children involved. The amount of the payments may remain the same, or may be adjusted to allow for changes in income or custody plans. 

Many people may not yet be aware that willfully failing to make timely child support payments is a crime. Once an order has been put into place, failure to comply can cause serious legal ramifications. Flagrant violations of this nature may be treated as a criminal matter, rather than a civil one. 

Recently, seven men from three states, including Texas, were indicted for failure to pay child support. Due to the large amounts some had allegedly failed to pay, they were charged with felonies. Depending on the number of children for which orders are in place, an individual may be charged with multiple counts. 

Since the law takes child support orders so seriously, it is of utmost importance that parents do the same. Successful co-parenting of mutual children requires all parents involved to do their best to comply with what a court has deemed to be in the best interest of the children. Many parents find it helpful to seek the aid of an experienced attorney when facing child custody or child support issues. 

Source:, "Seven indicted for failing to pay child support", April 9, 2018

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