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May 2018 Archives

Unusual child custody case exposes human trafficking.

Most Texas families are likely aware that in situations where the parents chose to separate, or perhaps never lived together at all, a plan must be calculated to ensure the best interest of any children involved. Child custody arrangements are put into place by the court to dictate things like child support payments, physical custody, legal custody and visitation. Many times, these arrangements are easily made clear, and can be followed by all parties with little confusion. Other times, things may be a bit more complicated. 

Divorce can impact everyone differently

Texas residents are likely aware that the termination of a marriage can be an emotional journey as well as a legal one. Each divorce is different, and people may struggle to adapt to their new circumstances. Even in situations where a divorce is not contentious, people may find themselves overwhelmed with confusion. 

Missed alimony payments lead to discovery of fraud.

As the largest state in the nation, Texas is home to nearly 30 million residents. A beautiful backdrop of  scenic landscapes coupled with a unique culture makes Texas one of the most popular states in the nation to live, work and raise a family. While some people are able to maintain their 'American Dream,' not everyone is so fortunate. Sometimes, for myriad reasons, couples and families can find themselves in the midst of a divorce, and alimony is often a sticking point in the proceedings. 

Child custody battle crosses international borders

Texas is known the world over as a state steeped in history, unique culture and natural beauty. Residents are often proud to call themselves Texans, and each year, visitors travel from all corners of the globe just to get a taste of what the Lone Star State has to offer. Despite all there is to celebrate, Texans are not immune from the types of troubles that plague the rest of the nation. One such issue remains child custody battles. 

Children reported missing in child custody dispute

Many Texas families are likely aware that when it comes to parenting arrangements, things can sometimes get a bit tricky. Child custody orders are put into place to help families act in the best interest of any children involved. While families can usually abide by these orders with great success, on other occasions, people attempt to take the law into their own hands.