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Child custody battle crosses international borders

Texas is known the world over as a state steeped in history, unique culture and natural beauty. Residents are often proud to call themselves Texans, and each year, visitors travel from all corners of the globe just to get a taste of what the Lone Star State has to offer. Despite all there is to celebrate, Texans are not immune from the types of troubles that plague the rest of the nation. One such issue remains child custody battles. 

Whenever there are children involved, it is often difficult for parents to determine the best interest of the child. Sometimes, especially when parents who live separately find themselves at odds, entire families can become embroiled in a child custody battle. On some occasions, even if there is a court order in place, one or both parental parties decide to take matters into their own hands. 

Recently, a child custody battle that began between two parents in Texas has developed into an international news story. Grandparents are set to stand trial for allegedly helping their daughter kidnap her son from Texas and abscond to Brazil, where the four have been living for about five years. The move to Brazil was not approved by the court, and, therefore, is in violation of a standing child custody order. 

Many parents may find themselves at odds with a legal custody order. Often times, it can be difficult for parents and grandparents to understand that, in such cases, it is not always legal for one parent to relocate with a child without approval from the courts. When making decisions that directly impact a child, many find it helpful to consult an experienced attorney who may be able to assist all parties involved in understanding or amending a child custody order legally.

Source:, "Trial begins for Brazilian couple in Texas kidnapping case", May 8, 2018

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