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Divorce can impact everyone differently

Texas residents are likely aware that the termination of a marriage can be an emotional journey as well as a legal one. Each divorce is different, and people may struggle to adapt to their new circumstances. Even in situations where a divorce is not contentious, people may find themselves overwhelmed with confusion. 

A recent study by a Texas psychologist attempts to explain how experiencing a divorce may affect men and women differently. She advises that some may feel a sense of deep loss or grief similar to what people feel when a loved one dies. Others may be excited, experiencing a feeling of new-found freedom. In many cases, one spouse may see divorce as a positive experience, and the other may harbor feelings of resentment and pain.

There is no wrong way to feel during a divorce. Dr. Golson advises people to utilize coping skills such as talking to a close friend, diving back into a hobby they once enjoyed, or trying something completely new, such as a cooking class or other group activity. The emotional aspect of a divorce may be just as confusing to navigate as the legal aspect. 

Even though people may feel as if their emotions are overwhelming, divorce is firstly a legal process. Division of assets, alimony, and child custody and support (where applicable) are some things a person may expect during a divorce. Sometimes, help can come in the form of an experienced attorney. An attorney may be able to help divorcing parties navigate the court process and try to ensure that an equitable result is reached. 

Source:, "Golson: How women and men face divorce differently", Robin Golson, May 17, 2018

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