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Authorities offer reward for tips about child support fugitive

When Texas residents think of the term "fugitive," they may immediately imagine a person on the run, attempting to evade authorities after a violent crime or a robbery. While this is sometimes the case, police take other crimes just as seriously, including non-payment of child support. While most parents are likely aware that child support orders are legally binding, they may not understand that failure to make timely payments can result in the same sorts of serious penalties as other serious crimes. 

Police are offering a reward of $300.00 for a tip leading to the location of a Texas man who is wanted for failing to pay child support. Authorities treat non-payment of child support as a very serious crime because child support is meant to ensure that children have access to financial resources necessary to provide food, clothing, shelter and other needs. When a parent neglects to make timely payments, his or her child suffers, and it often places financial strain on the other parent.

When a court puts a child support order into place, the parent ordered to pay becomes legally obligated to follow through and obey the order. If a parent feels that the order is unfair, or the parent finds him or herself facing circumstances that affect his or her ability to meet financial obligations, he or she should be aware that just not making the payments is unacceptable. While it is possible to modify an order or make arrangements to catch up on missed payments, it must be taken care of legally.

To avoid facing serious charges and penalties as a result of disobedience to a child support order, parents have the option to contact an attorney to assist them. An attorney would better understand the legal ramifications of non-payment and would advise accordingly. In line with this, an attorney may be able to help a parent find a way to modify a child support order and work out a payment schedule with the courts that fits the parent's economic situation while still providing for his or her child.

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