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Family that suffered tragedy now in midst of child custody case

As in most other state, Texas parents who divorce likely have concerns over the support of their children after the process. Generally, child custody arrangements are put into place by a court to outline how parents who do not live together share the joys and responsibilities of raising any children they share. While many of these situations are fairly straightforward, on some occasions, and due to unusual circumstances, a party that is not a biological parent may wish to seek custody of a child. 

One Texas family has suffered a year wrought with tragedy. First, they lost their son when he became the victim of a drunk driver. Just as they had begun to deal with the untimely loss, the couple lost their daughter, a young mother, when the father of her child admitted he had killed her. With the mother of the child deceased and the father incarcerated for the horrible crime, the grandparents sprung into action.

They filed a motion to be granted emergency custody of their grandchild. A court hearing was immediately scheduled, but due to a prison lock-down across the entire state, the accused father was unable to attend the hearing, and it was postponed. The grandparents continue to fight and have attempted to reschedule child custody proceedings. The family has not been able to gain custody of the child at this time; however, they have been allowed to visit while they wait for an official decision. 

Child custody proceedings can be a stressful series of events for all involved. In cases like this one, where tragedy and loss has proceeded the custody battle, it can become overwhelming for families. Sometimes, it can be of great assistance to seek the aid of an experienced attorney. Such a professional would be able to calm the waters and help any interested party focus on ensuring that any children involved are given the opportunity to overcome the loss of their parents and be raised by people who love and care for them. 

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