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July 2018 Archives

Calculation of child support differs from state to state

For Texas parents who are considering filing for divorce, jurisdiction is an important matter. While many families will file in the state in which they currently reside, there are cases in which the jurisdiction can be selected. For those spouses, calculation of child support should be part of the decision-making process. 

Violating a child custody arrangement has serious consequences

Many parents are familiar with the types of stress that can come from dealing with custody issues. Once a child custody arrangement is put into place by the court, it is legally binding, and a parent cannot take it upon him or herself to alter the agreement simply because the parent does not agree with the terms. One father recently learned this the hard way when he attempted to take his daughter to Texas with him. 

Divorce planning must take loan debts into consideration

Texas residents are probably aware that as a marriage ends and divorce proceedings begin, both parties will have to begin the process of separating what used to be one household into two. While it may not be as difficult to determine who gets certain physical property, such as furniture, personal clothing items, or vehicles, splitting things like existing debt may be a bit more tricky. Laws put in place to standardize divorce planning vary from state to state.