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August 2018 Archives

Poor parenting choices affect child custody

Texas parents would likely agree that every child is different, and it is often difficult to decide what may be age appropriate. By the time a child reaches middle school, he or she may seem very self-sufficient and responsible. One local couple recently learned that, even if parents feel their child will be fine if left unattended for a while, a decision like that can directly affect child custody

Celebrity urges other fathers to pay child support through court

Many Texas parents are probably familiar with the basic procedure of paying and collecting child support. Recently, rapper Scarface publicly advised fellow fathers to be certain they pay their child support through the courts. Scarface was formally accused of failing to pay child support for a second time, and he will need to appear in court later this month to address the charges. 

Mother charged with interference of child custody

Texas parents would probably say that they do their best to keep their children safe and happy as they grow up. Sometimes, there are questions raised as to whether or not a parent is providing proper care. In these cases, it falls on Child Protective Services to evaluate the situation and determine whether or not a child will remain in the home. If it feels the need to take action, child custody may be affected. 

Mother reports crime against her children, loses visitation time

Texas parents may be familiar with the sorts of issues that can arise when a custody order is disputed. Many parents may fear that if a tragedy occurs on their watch, they may lose visitation time with the children. One mother's fight for justice has rendered her nearly helpless.