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Celebrity urges other fathers to pay child support through court

Many Texas parents are probably familiar with the basic procedure of paying and collecting child support. Recently, rapper Scarface publicly advised fellow fathers to be certain they pay their child support through the courts. Scarface was formally accused of failing to pay child support for a second time, and he will need to appear in court later this month to address the charges. 

The popular rapper served a jail sentence years ago after being found guilty of not paying child support, and he was said to be several thousand dollars in arrears on his court-ordered payments. Now that he again stands accused, he is speaking out. He urged other fathers to make sure they make their payments directly to the court system. 

Though he did not say he had been paying the mother directly, he delivered the message in a way that indicated he may have been making his payments but had no proof because he paid the mother personally. Many times, people ordered to pay child support may think that paying the other parent directly is a good way to get the children the money they need quickly with no fuss. Unfortunately, parental relationships can turn sour, and if a person is paying another parent and not utilizing the court system to process the payments, they may have trouble proving the payments were on time and for the correct amount. 

Texas parents should be aware that the aim of the court is to help parents ensure that their payments are on record to prevent false claims of non-payment. If a parent needs assistance establishing or modifying a child support order, he or she may want to contact an experienced attorney. An attorney may be able to help parents ensure that their payments are received in the proper fashion and verified by the legal system to remove any suspicion of non-payment. 

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