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Mother charged with interference of child custody

Texas parents would probably say that they do their best to keep their children safe and happy as they grow up. Sometimes, there are questions raised as to whether or not a parent is providing proper care. In these cases, it falls on Child Protective Services to evaluate the situation and determine whether or not a child will remain in the home. If it feels the need to take action, child custody may be affected. 

Recently, the case of a Texas girl made headlines when she went missing. Child Protective Services was called to investigate the household where the child lived but was unable to make a determination because the child was not there. Authorities suspect that the child's mother gave her to an unknown person in an attempt to hide her from Child Protective Services. 

Police are currently continuing the search for the missing child. The mother has been arrested and charged with several crimes, including interference with child custody. She could be sentenced to two years in jail if found guilty of the offense. 

When a parent is concerned that action may be taken against him or her and that the child custody situation may be affected, he or she may feel defensive and overwhelmed. Even though one wants the best for his or her children, it may feel as if Child Protective Services is working against him or her. Parents may feel better having an experienced attorney on their side. An attorney may be able to help a parent prove to the court that one is ready and capable to care for his or her children in a manner consistent with the law. 

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