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Mother reports crime against her children, loses visitation time

Texas parents may be familiar with the sorts of issues that can arise when a custody order is disputed. Many parents may fear that if a tragedy occurs on their watch, they may lose visitation time with the children. One mother's fight for justice has rendered her nearly helpless. 

The woman has visitation with her children, and they live primarily with their father, the woman's ex-husband, in Texas. While the children were spending time at their mother's house, they were the victims of a crime at the hands of a teenage babysitter. The children told their mother that the sitter had done horrible, inappropriate things to them. 

She immediately called authorities for help. When the matter was investigated, social workers informed the father of the situation. He is attempting to modify the custody arrangement so that the children can no longer spend time at the mother's home. She says that even though she did the right thing, the cost of traveling to Texas for the custody proceedings has caused her to fall behind on her child support, and fears she will not get to see her children as previously established. 

If a parent is concerned about not being treated fairly, or that a judge may not understand his or her circumstances, it can be helpful to contact an experienced family law attorney. An attorney can help parents as they attempt to navigate court proceedings pertaining to custody and visitation. Parents have the right to explain why they deserve to keep their precious time with their children, and a savvy attorney will know the most effective way to proceed in court. 

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