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Poor parenting choices affect child custody

Texas parents would likely agree that every child is different, and it is often difficult to decide what may be age appropriate. By the time a child reaches middle school, he or she may seem very self-sufficient and responsible. One local couple recently learned that, even if parents feel their child will be fine if left unattended for a while, a decision like that can directly affect child custody

One Texas couple is in hot water after it was reported that they had left their 11-year-old child home alone overnight. The pair was attending a concert and felt that their daughter was capable of staying by herself. When a great-aunt spoke to the child on the phone and discovered she was unattended, she became concerned and contacted authorities. 

Police arrived at the hone to check on the child, who was making dinner for herself at the time. She admitted she had tried to reach her parents by phone but only got their voicemail. The child stated she was not aware of a plan for her to follow in case of an emergency. The parents were charged with child endangerment and may now only have supervised custody of their daughter. An order prohibiting them from being around other children has also been put into place. 

When parents find themselves at odds with a child custody order, they may feel helpless and unsure of what to do to remedy the situation. Often, it can be helpful to partner with an understanding attorney. An attorney may be able to help parents explain their side of a case in court and educate them on any legal action they may be able to take. 

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