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Rock star's divorce grows inflammatory

When Texas couples decide they are ready to end their marriages, they will need to make themselves familiar with the state's legal process regarding the dissolution of marriage. Divorce can be a confusing endeavor, especially if the circumstances surrounding a split are less than amicable between the opposing spouses. Like each marriage, each divorce is different, and highly publicized celebrity divorces are no exception. 

Known the world over for his part in the band Guns N Roses, guitarist Slash finds himself in the midst of a battle over finances. He filed for divorce from his wife in 2014. During the initial proceedings, he revealed that he was unsure they were even legally married because his estranged wife may have not ever actually gotten a divorce from her first husband. 

Though years have passed, the parties continue to argue over financial matters pertaining to the divorce. There has been a delay in the proceedings because both sides have thrown accusations of dishonesty. Slash maintains that his wife has failed to pay him monies owed for debts he covered on her behalf, while she has stated that he has not released an accurate record of his income. The incomes of both spouses would be taken into consideration when determining future spousal and child support payments. 

Divorce laws vary by state, and if someone is exploring the idea of divorce in Texas, he or she may want to contact an experienced attorney. An attorney may be able to foresee future points of contention and prepare ahead of time. Divorce can be a stressful process, and allowing an attorney to help can ensure that no one has to go it alone. 

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