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Parent's drug use can become child custody concern

Texas, along with the rest of the country, is in the midst of a drug crisis. Cases of severe addiction and overdoses continue to skyrocket nationwide. If a family is concerned that a member is struggling with substance abuse, they may feel they need to take action to change child custody to save any children in the home. 

Recently, authorities arrived at the home of a Texas family after they were called to respond to a possible drug overdose. When help arrived, police stated that the home, which contained the couple's minor children, had a severe lice infestation. The living conditions were found to be unsafe, perhaps due to the parents' inability to overcome drug addiction. 

The parents were charged with several crimes, including neglect and abuse. Medical professionals stated the children had suffered badly as a result of the lice, and had to have their hair shaved off. The children were removed from the parents' custody. 

When family members begin to fear that children are not safe with their custodial parents, they may want to take legal action to rescue the children. Though they may sympathise with their loved ones suffering from addiction, they may want to ensure that the children have a safe place to live while a parent gets help. An experienced attorney can often help families establish, modify and enforce a child custody order. Taking steps to change child custody can ensure that children are spared from further suffering, and allowed to be cared for by people capable of making good decisions. 

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