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Family wins child custody battle

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, many Texas families are preparing to gather together and spend time enjoying the company of their loved ones. For families with young children, the annual delights of the holiday season can inspire wonder and excitement. Unfortunately, one family found themselves pitted against Child Protective Services as they went to court to fight for child custody

The ordeal began when a Texas mother took her small child to the emergency room. She suspected the child was showing signs of a head injury, but when questioned, could not give an account of what may have caused the injury. Authorities grew suspicious, and Child Protective Services opened an investigation. CPS soon concluded that the injuries were consistent with physical abuse, and removed all of the children from the home. 

Soon after, doctors discovered that the child in question had a rare medical condition that caused the head trauma. They suggested the child would benefit from breastfeeding, and ought to be returned to the mother's care. Still, CPS refused to return the children, and the parents felt CPS had lied in the reports. A judge agreed, and ordered that the children be returned immediately, also awarding a monetary judgment to the family for their suffering. 

When a Texas parent thinks it may be necessary to go to court for a child custody matter, he or she may not know what to do. An experienced attorney can often render assistance in such situations. An attorney can educate a client on what to expect during the legal process and may be able to help ease the stress of establishing, modifying or enforcing a child custody order. 

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