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Father faces loss of child custody

Some divorced parents in Texas might have experienced a personal situation in which they cannot agree on what is best for a child. If a person does not have this sort of personal experience, he or she likely knows someone who has, because child custody issues are so prevalent. Modern social issues have put new concerns on the table for many families, and one father in particular now faces a loss of child custody

The man's troubles began after his divorce. His ex-wife began to insist that their young son was transgender and identifies as a female. The father maintains that, while he certainly would be accepting of his child's decision, he feels that the child does not actually identify as such and only plays along in the presence of his mother. 

Though the child's psychological evaluations, as well as witness observations by family and friends, seem to support the father's theory, the mother now accuses the father of abuse. She is insisting that the father's share of custody is detrimental to the child and that he should lose his parenting time altogether due to the perceived abuse. The father is deeply concerned, fearing that, if he is out of the picture, his child will be forced to live in a way in which the child is not truly comfortable.

When a Texas parent is gearing up to face a child custody matter in court, he or she may feel a bit overwhelmed. Deciding how to present one's case to a judge is a big decision. On many occasions, an experienced attorney can offer solid advice and direction, and help a parent explain one's concerns to a court of law as he or she makes every effort to protect his or her child.

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