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Man gets life in prison for interfering with child custody

Many Texas families may currently have or be interested in establishing a permanent order pertaining to custody of any children in the home. A child custody order is a legally binding document that spells out each detail pertaining to an individual family's custody situation. Such orders often cover topics like where a child lives or attends school and the amount of time a child spends with each parent. 

Some years ago, a Texas man was in a romantic relationship with a woman who did not have physical custody rights to her child. The man helped the woman abscond with the child, and the pair was later charged with violating a custody order. Though the child was found unharmed, the couple was also charged with aggravated kidnapping. Violating a child custody order can result in serious criminal charges. 

The man chose to represent himself and faced the court without the assistance of an attorney. Though he maintained his innocence throughout, he may have been unprepared to face the court from a legal standpoint. He was found to be guilty and received a life sentence. 

If a parent is concerned that he or she may have to go to court to establish, modify or enforce a child custody order, he or she may contact an experienced attorney. An attorney may be very familiar with the legal process and might be able to direct a client how best to proceed. Having an attorney on one's side may help a client feel more assured of a favorable outcome. 

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