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New evidence about the importance of child support

Texas families may be especially proud to call the Lone Star State their home. As one of the largest states in the nation, Texas can often be used as a sort of gauge to determine how social and economic issues affect the majority of Americans. Recently, a study revealed that though unemployment is relatively low, as many as one out of every five children are living in what is considered to be poverty. In some cases, a child support order may help alleviate the financial suffering a child may be enduring. 

When parents share a child, but live in separate households, the custodial parent may be eligible for child support. If a child support order is put into place by a court, the other parent is obligated to make specified payments to the custodial parent to help with expenses like food, clothing and shelter for the child. This can help ensure that a child has everything needed to learn and grow. 

Child support is calculated on a case by case basis, taking the income of each parent into consideration, along with other factors such as where the child primarily resides. Once an order is entered by a court, the parent responsible for making the payments may face criminal penalties if he or she fails to make the payments as directed. The state of Texas makes a concerted effort to ensure that child support orders are fully enforced. 

A Texas parent who wants to establish, modify or enforce a child support order would do well to partner with an experienced family law attorney. A lawyer can explain the legal process and ensure that the client understands what will happen in court. The family court system can be confusing and even intimidating, and the right lawyer can help navigate it smoothly and effectively.

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