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Child Custody Archives

Youth sports can lead to child custody matchups

Many parents that choose to separate will find themselves faced with the task of determining the most effective plan to co-parent their children. The same can be said for parents that never married or shared a home. Issues like visitation schedule, education, child custody arrangements and location are common points of contention.  

More fathers asking for fair child custody arrangements

Many fathers treasure the time that they get to spend with their children. Some fathers want nothing more than to be able to raise their child in an environment that is conducive to the health, safety and well-being of the child. A parent facing divorce may have to consider several types of child custody arrangements that suit the best interests of the children. Older traditions would say that when parents separate, the children should remain with the mother. Luckily, new attitudes are prevailing, with research to support them, and fathers in Texas are now getting more opportunity to spend time with children. 

Evidence suggests shared child custody can benefit children

It's no secret that divorce is hard on everyone involved, especially the children who are sometimes caught in the middle. In the past, the usual method for selecting child custody was to award one parent sole custody and make the other parent a part-time visitor. Recent evidence suggests that shared custody can help children in Texas. 

Reframing thoughts about shared child custody during holidays

The thought of co-parenting after separating from one's spouse can be challenging, but it certainly does not have to be so. Even being a two-house household during the holidays can be a blessing, if one can think of it in a certain light. Shared child custody allows divorced parents certain advantages, so individuals in Texas who are facing divorce need not fear the changes. 

Child custody tips from a divorce expert

A recent article written by an experienced family advisor shares some tips on co-parenting. The woman gives basic guidelines that some individuals in Texas may wish to ponder and apply if they match their needs when considering child custody. The tips are designed to help individuals begin to plan and implement a workable co-parenting plan. 

Rapists have fewer routes to child custody in Texas

A person who has committed the grievous crime of rape is likely to pose a hazard to the well-being of any child born of that crime. In some states, however, rapists are able to get child custody for children they fathered while raping the mother. In Texas, some legislation does exist to protect children from being in the custody of rapists.

Which child custody arrangement is best?

In life, there are many options. In child custody arrangements, there are many options as well. Physical, legal, sole and joint custody are ways to share the care and support of a child, and each type has its own special cases and variations. In the past, courts have leaned toward granting sole physical custody to mothers and saddling fathers with hefty child support payments. Parents in Texas may be thinking: is this the best way, or is another method of shared parenting actually better?

Child custody dispute involves father's mental health records

In most states, individuals have the right to privacy when it comes to their personal health records. A recent case involving a father with a post-traumatic stress disorder diagnosis and a mother seeking full custody of her children has raised questions of just how private those records should remain. The story was recently covered in the news and gives details about the case and shares the man's quest for shared child custody. Individuals in Texas may find the questions raised by the case interesting. 

New children's show features shared child custody

It is always heartening when different types of families are featured on TV. This is especially true for children's shows, because they can help reassure children who might be facing family issues such as child custody agreements and divorce. Parents in Texas will appreciate a new Disney show that tackles the issue of co-parenting and highlights the positives of approaching this issue with maturity. 

Texas attorney helps modify child custody agreements

Life is seldom without complications. Even when divorced parents have come to an agreement regarding child custody, for example, life often steps in with changes that force modifications to an existing agreement. Life changes that force one parent to move, for example, can be especially tricky. Fortunately, the law firm Barbara L. Jouette, Attorney, P.C. can help parents relocating into or out of Texas understand state law and pursue the best interests of their child.