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Child Custody Archives

Meth crisis directly affecting child custody cases

A Texas judge is speaking out about how the state's methamphetamine crisis is affecting family law. A record number of families now find themselves pitted against the state in matters of child custody. Substance abuse is now so rampant across the nation that it would not be unusual for a person to be able to call to mind a child one personally knows who may be in danger. 

Father faces loss of child custody

Some divorced parents in Texas might have experienced a personal situation in which they cannot agree on what is best for a child. If a person does not have this sort of personal experience, he or she likely knows someone who has, because child custody issues are so prevalent. Modern social issues have put new concerns on the table for many families, and one father in particular now faces a loss of child custody

Family wins child custody battle

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, many Texas families are preparing to gather together and spend time enjoying the company of their loved ones. For families with young children, the annual delights of the holiday season can inspire wonder and excitement. Unfortunately, one family found themselves pitted against Child Protective Services as they went to court to fight for child custody

Man gets life in prison for interfering with child custody

Many Texas families may currently have or be interested in establishing a permanent order pertaining to custody of any children in the home. A child custody order is a legally binding document that spells out each detail pertaining to an individual family's custody situation. Such orders often cover topics like where a child lives or attends school and the amount of time a child spends with each parent. 

Child custody dispute results in missing child

Texas parents may be familiar with the frustration that often arises while trying to hash out the details of child custody. Parents may find themselves at odds with a child custody order and be tempted to take matters into their own hands. A recent case explains why this sort of action is not advisable and can lead to serious legal trouble. 

Parent's drug use can become child custody concern

Texas, along with the rest of the country, is in the midst of a drug crisis. Cases of severe addiction and overdoses continue to skyrocket nationwide. If a family is concerned that a member is struggling with substance abuse, they may feel they need to take action to change child custody to save any children in the home. 

Reality star prepares for possible child custody battle

Though surely not the first celebrity to hail from Texas, Tila Tequila remains a favorite tabloid target. The reality star has often found her face splashed across headlines dishing the latest on her sometimes wild lifestyle. Tila, who is a mother, now must worry that her on-screen antics may affect child custody. Though she is no stranger to controversy, she has been accused by the father of her child of allowing her reality star persona to negatively affect their 4-year-old daughter. 

Violating child custody order is criminal offense

Though it may appear to many Texas parents that violating a custody order would be considered a civil matter, this is not the case. Unlike other areas of family law, disobeying a child custody order is a criminal offense. When a person commits a crime, victims may want to contact the police for help, but many parents now complain that police are hesitant to enforce child custody orders. 

Poor parenting choices affect child custody

Texas parents would likely agree that every child is different, and it is often difficult to decide what may be age appropriate. By the time a child reaches middle school, he or she may seem very self-sufficient and responsible. One local couple recently learned that, even if parents feel their child will be fine if left unattended for a while, a decision like that can directly affect child custody

Mother charged with interference of child custody

Texas parents would probably say that they do their best to keep their children safe and happy as they grow up. Sometimes, there are questions raised as to whether or not a parent is providing proper care. In these cases, it falls on Child Protective Services to evaluate the situation and determine whether or not a child will remain in the home. If it feels the need to take action, child custody may be affected.