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From sadness to joy: An adoption story

Families in Texas who suffer the loss of a child often feel as though they may never be happy again. However, it is possible to find a reason to smile once more, even after such an unspeakable tragedy. One out of state family turned their tears of anguish to love as they recently adopted a baby girl, three and a half years after their 23-month-old son lost his life.

Divorce closes a chapter, another begins for Bristol Palin

Many Texas readers are familiar with the Palin family. Sarah Palin, a well-known politician, is certainly no stranger to making headlines. Recently, however, it is her daughter Bristol Palin that has garnered media attention as the young woman's divorce comes to a close and a new career on television begins. 

Paternity and family law

Many Texas residents may have seen advertisements for a popular new item. A home DNA test is meant to provide consumers with the opportunity to learn more about their genealogy, and has become a trendy gift item. The tests usually cost under $100, and while they are meant to be fun and educational, some consumers have gotten results that seem to stress the importance of establishing paternity as a matter of family law. 

Family law litigants: big news regarding adoption

Texas families may be aware that a recent legal power struggle has many people confused. Adoption is ordinarily a matter of family law, which could help explain why the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas recently struck down the Indian Child Welfare Act. The act provided special circumstances regarding the adoption of American Indian and Alaskan native children. 

Divorce planning must take loan debts into consideration

Texas residents are probably aware that as a marriage ends and divorce proceedings begin, both parties will have to begin the process of separating what used to be one household into two. While it may not be as difficult to determine who gets certain physical property, such as furniture, personal clothing items, or vehicles, splitting things like existing debt may be a bit more tricky. Laws put in place to standardize divorce planning vary from state to state. 

Divorce planning can help set a stable financial future

Some individuals finds checklists and written plans to be helpful when they face a complicated task. When one sets a plan down in writing, and spells out important details, the plan is more likely to go according to written expectations. At the end of a marriage, careful divorce planning can help a person review the most important details that should be attended to. In Texas, individuals often choose several items to add to a post-divorce checklist. 

Divorce planning includes deciding where to live

During and after a marital breakup, it is likely that at least one party will be searching for a new place to live. For the person in Texas relocating after divorce, there are a few options. Part of the divorce planning process may include weighing the pros and cons of each of the housing options. 

Divorce planning can prevent unpleasant financial surprises

January brings a wave of unhappy people looking to separate from their spouses. Whether it is the stress of the holiday season or the promise of renewal in the New Year, for some reason, divorce requests peak in January in the United States, and Texas is no different. Unfortunately, a breakup can leave a person in a financial pinch, but with divorce planning, a person may be better prepared to face a new life alone. 

Family law changes may be expected in 2018

Spousal support payments may be undergoing a revision in the coming year. A federal tax bill can change the way individuals pay their support payments and how recipients claim the funds. The proposed changes will be felt in the courts of Texas family law as individuals negotiate settlements using the new terms. 

Divorce planning may include review of estate documents

During any major life transition, and especially at the end of a marriage, one will need to review those carefully drafted estate documents. Whether it is a trust or a will, neglecting these documents during the divorce planning can certainly cause issues down the road. Two recent court cases illustrate problems that have arisen for individuals who neglected to specify and/or update the documents. These issues can potentially extend to individuals in Texas, although the two cases did occur in other U.S. states. 

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Posts tagged "Family Law"