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Child custody woes: a parent's worst nightmare

For a parent, the fear of harm befalling a child is real. Texas parents may be able to recall a situation in which they turned to find that a child was out of sight, and panic set in. Unfortunately, children go missing every day, and statistics show that, in many cases, an abductor is someone the child knows. Sometimes, the abduction of a child is related to a matter of child custody.

Child custody: Parents charged with abducting their kids

A man and woman, both aged 32, have been returned to the Lone Star state to face charges in connection with allegedly abducting their three children. Child custody of their kids was not granted to the Texas couple who authorities say took their children during a supervised visit. Both have been charged with interference with child custody while the man faces an additional charge of unlawful restraint.

Parents disappointed by lack of child custody enforcement

Texas residents may assume that, once a court order is in place, the order must be followed or a person can face criminal charges. While this is certainly what the laws state, many parents who have orders pertaining to child custody are frustrated that violations by the other parent are being ignored by law enforcement. Now, parents are speaking out and demanding justice. 

A shared child custody plan is what Channing Tatum has in mind

Many Texas parents know what it feels like to live apart from their children. Often, such situations come about when parents decide they want to divorce. It is no secret that divorce has a significant impact on children's lives; however, many kids are able to cope in a healthy manner, especially when their parents work together to create amicable child custody plans. That is what actor Channing Tatum says he is trying to do.

Mother reclaims child custody after father commits crimes

Texas parents want what is best for their children, and in cases where parents do not live together, and are not in a romantic relationship, there are decisions that must be made about any children they share. Sometimes, even when a parent loves his or her children very much, and is by all accounts a loving and attentive parent, it may work out better for the children to live primarily with the other parent. In one recent case, what appeared to be a beneficial move for the children quickly turned into an immediate change in child custody

Dear Santa, can you help with child custody?

Texas families are in a mad and merry dash to finish last-minute holiday preparation. Gifts, family get-togethers, big meals and other revelry are certainly things to look forward to. One of the most exciting moments for a parent can be watching the joy on a child's face as they take in the wonder of the holiday season. Unfortunately, not every child has the opportunity to have a loving, supportive family, but with a little Christmas magic and a change in child custody, dreams can come true. 

Meth crisis directly affecting child custody cases

A Texas judge is speaking out about how the state's methamphetamine crisis is affecting family law. A record number of families now find themselves pitted against the state in matters of child custody. Substance abuse is now so rampant across the nation that it would not be unusual for a person to be able to call to mind a child one personally knows who may be in danger. 

Father faces loss of child custody

Some divorced parents in Texas might have experienced a personal situation in which they cannot agree on what is best for a child. If a person does not have this sort of personal experience, he or she likely knows someone who has, because child custody issues are so prevalent. Modern social issues have put new concerns on the table for many families, and one father in particular now faces a loss of child custody

Family wins child custody battle

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, many Texas families are preparing to gather together and spend time enjoying the company of their loved ones. For families with young children, the annual delights of the holiday season can inspire wonder and excitement. Unfortunately, one family found themselves pitted against Child Protective Services as they went to court to fight for child custody

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Posts tagged "child custody"