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Texas man criticizes jail sentence related to child support

One of the most prevalent concerns of parents that choose to separate is the financial security of their children. To ensure proper care of a child, a court will sometimes review both parents’ income to determine if and how child support payments are to be made. If a parent fails to honor a child support arrangement initially, the payments can be enforced.

South Texas parents arrested for violating child support orders

It’s no secret that Texas takes a tough stance when it comes to child support. The Child Support Division is set up to help those in need of public assistance with verifying paternity, tracking down absent parents and even collecting unpaid child support payments.

Conference aims to educate about child support by debunking myths

Many individuals across the nation have misconceptions about child support and how it can affect all parties involved. As such, a conference was held to discuss many of the common child support myths and debunk them in an attempt to keep parents aware and educated. While this conference was held in the Midwest, the facts still pertain to McKinney families as well.

Texas' Attorney General Child Support Division is nation's best

Texas has long since believed in making child support collections a priority. Parents often rely on those payments that are needed to feed, clothe and otherwise adequately protect children. When a non-custodial parent fails to make their child support payments, it is the innocent children who ultimately suffer.

Access and Visitation program promotes payment of child support

All across the nation, child support disputes and uncooperative parents are all too common. In an attempt to combat this issue, the Office of the Attorney General has been providing assistance to Texas families and encouraging noncustodial parents to continue to stay connected with their children and regularly pay their child support.

Girl’s grandmother seeks child support from jailed father

Readers in Collin County are likely aware that there are situations where parents may not be raising a child together. Even if a child is no longer in a parent’s care, in most cases they still have a legal obligation to provide for a portion of the financial needs of their child. There are some instances where a child may not be raised by either parent and instead is in the care of a relative. That family member may choose to seek child support in the event that one or both of the child’s parents are alive and able to provide.

Mayor accused of not paying child support by ex-wife

When readers in Collin County think of parents who are in hot water for failure to pay child support, they don’t typically think of city officials as being those parents who fall behind. Just like anyone else, however, a city official may become delinquent with his or her payments. In the event that a parent does not pay their child support, it can put undue stress on the other parent because they are forced to cover all of the financial needs associated with raising a child while the payments go unpaid. In order to get what they are owed, the party who is owed

Father takes child support reduction case to state Supreme Court

Readers in McKinney are likely aware that family law courts in Texas and throughout the U.S. order child support payments to ensure that both parents are bearing the responsibility of meeting the financial needs of raising a child. Sometimes, a parent's circumstances may change after the time when the child support payments are ordered and a modification may be needed, either to increase or to reduce the amount of the court ordered payments.

Nash and ex-wife back to court over where she and kids can live

Each individual state has their own laws and child support guidelines. Some are very similar, while others vary drastically. Some states, for example, put much more severe obligations on parents than other states do. While these variances generally do not have much of an impact, there are times when they can.

Violating child support orders doesn’t fly in Texas

Family law courts in Collin County, as well as in other counties across the U.S., order child support payments to ensure the child’s needs are met. Based on factors like custody and income, these arrangements are made so the everyday expenses, medical needs, extracurricular expenses and other costs for raising a child are covered. When parents default on payments, they are not only disobeying a court order, they are also affecting the support and care their child receives.

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