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Violating a child custody arrangement has serious consequences

Many parents are familiar with the types of stress that can come from dealing with custody issues. Once a child custody arrangement is put into place by the court, it is legally binding, and a parent cannot take it upon him or herself to alter the agreement simply because the parent does not agree with the terms. One father recently learned this the hard way when he attempted to take his daughter to Texas with him. 

Dispute over child custody escalates quickly

Texas parents may be familiar with the stress that can come from child custody exchanges, especially when other family members become involved. It can be difficult to ensure child custody exchanges are made peacefully when parties do not follow the rules outlined in a court order. Though a custody order is put into place by a court to solidify things like visitation schedules, sometimes people let emotions get the best of them and a custody exchange gets out of hand. 

Family that suffered tragedy now in midst of child custody case

As in most other state, Texas parents who divorce likely have concerns over the support of their children after the process. Generally, child custody arrangements are put into place by a court to outline how parents who do not live together share the joys and responsibilities of raising any children they share. While many of these situations are fairly straightforward, on some occasions, and due to unusual circumstances, a party that is not a biological parent may wish to seek custody of a child. 

Unusual child custody case exposes human trafficking.

Most Texas families are likely aware that in situations where the parents chose to separate, or perhaps never lived together at all, a plan must be calculated to ensure the best interest of any children involved. Child custody arrangements are put into place by the court to dictate things like child support payments, physical custody, legal custody and visitation. Many times, these arrangements are easily made clear, and can be followed by all parties with little confusion. Other times, things may be a bit more complicated. 

Child custody battle crosses international borders

Texas is known the world over as a state steeped in history, unique culture and natural beauty. Residents are often proud to call themselves Texans, and each year, visitors travel from all corners of the globe just to get a taste of what the Lone Star State has to offer. Despite all there is to celebrate, Texans are not immune from the types of troubles that plague the rest of the nation. One such issue remains child custody battles. 

Children reported missing in child custody dispute

Many Texas families are likely aware that when it comes to parenting arrangements, things can sometimes get a bit tricky. Child custody orders are put into place to help families act in the best interest of any children involved. While families can usually abide by these orders with great success, on other occasions, people attempt to take the law into their own hands. 

Disobedience of child custody orders can lead to serious charges

Most Texas parents are likely aware that in many cases, a custody order is put in place by the court to assure that children have a good chance at a loving, stable relationship with their families. In cases where adult parties may not always agree on what is in the best interest of a child, the court will decide the child custody and visitation terms. While in most circumstances, child custody orders are put into place between parents, grandparents and other family members, on occasion, the state becomes involved. Such cases are common when a parent is suspected of placing a child in harm's way. 

Child custody case ends in tragedy

Many Texas residents are now likely familiar with the headlines involving the tragic case of the Hart family. For persons that may not be aware, a foster mother and her partner were found dead in their vehicle, after reportedly intentionally driving the family, which included six fostered or adopted children, off a cliff. Three of the children were found dead, and the other three have not yet been found. A child custody case resulting in loss of life, this has been a frightening story to many.

Disobedience of court orders may cause loss of child custody

Many Texas parents choose to pursue an official court order when it comes to sorting custody issues. The purpose of a court order is to determine the best interest of any children involved, and it can be a difficult task for many parents to agree on child custody arrangements. Monetary support, dividing time with the child between both parents, living arrangements and education are some of many factors that can be considered.

Youth sports can lead to child custody matchups

Many parents that choose to separate will find themselves faced with the task of determining the most effective plan to co-parent their children. The same can be said for parents that never married or shared a home. Issues like visitation schedule, education, child custody arrangements and location are common points of contention.