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Author shares tips for divorce preparation

Ready to untie the knot? In Texas, many individuals choose to end their marriage for a variety of reasons. These individuals may be thinking of methods to make the transition a little smoother. After observing many divorcing couples in a variety of circumstances, advisors offer some tips for individuals preparing for a divorce

Even divorce has hidden blessings

Life is all in what one makes of it. One's attitude can determine whether an event is a blessing or a curse, and when people choose to see the positive side of any change, they can set themselves up for a happier life. Even divorce has its upside, as a recent news article shows. Individuals in Texas may find some helpful hints from the article for shaping an attitude of gratitude for divorce. 

Tax reform could change alimony

A federal tax reform bill is currently in the works that will make significant changes to existing tax policy. One of those changes is the elimination of the alimony tax deduction. If that change passes into law, experts say that it will drastically affect how divorce agreements are settled. Individuals in Texas who may be facing a divorce could potentially be affected if the divorce is finalized after 2017. 

Kendu Isaacs claims he's owed more alimony

Spousal support is a point of contention in many Texas divorces. While there are state guidelines for determining an appropriate amount of alimony, judges do have the ability to deviate when necessary. This might sometimes be done at the judge's own discretion or because of one spouse's request. Such is apparently the case with Kendu Isaacs, music producer and Mary J. Blige's ex-husband.

Texas: Divorce may have tax implications

The end of a marriage does not have to mean the beginning of tax confusion as long as an individual stays informed about the law. After a divorce, a person's taxes can be affected by the filing status, exemptions and alimony. Individuals in Texas who may be facing a divorce may be able to glean some information from a recent article sharing some of the ins and outs of post-marriage tax filing. 

Study finds that daughters make divorce more likely

It is impossible to pinpoint just one factor that leads couples to separate. Social scientists research to find trends in divorce data in order to better understand the human experience. Families in Texas are in many ways similar to families across the United States and the rest of the world. A recent study has shown that parents of teenage daughters are more likely to divorce, if only slightly. 

Does your occupation predict likelihood of divorce?

Experts have been attempting to demystify human behavior by analyzing data for many years. Most recently, a researcher has looked at divorce rates and how they relate to a person's chosen profession. Many people in Texas are familiar with the old stereotype that 50 percent of marriages end in breakups, but is this true, or is it just a myth? 

Divorce program for children can aid with anxieties

One state is now offering a program for children whose parents are breaking up. The divorce classes are designed to enable children to better cope with their questions about the dissolution of their parent's marriage. Perhaps states like Texas can see the results of the program and apply a similar tool within the state legal system. 

Divorce selfies show that breaking up doesn't have to be painful

Why so serious? Ending a marital relationship doesn't have to be the pits. Divorce can be a normal part of ending a relationship when both parties agree that it's time to move on. One new trend sweeping across social media is the divorce selfie. Will divorcing couples in Texas also adopt the divorce selfie trend? 

For tax purposes, alimony agreements should be crystal clear

Taxes can certainly leave the filer stressed out over deductions and potential audits. Trying to do taxes after a divorce can be tricky as well. As a recent news story documents, it is important to have divorce and alimony agreements made crystal clear in writing so that they can be used to determine what, if any, deductions are allowed for alimony. For individuals divorcing in Texas, one man's story can provide some valuable food for thought.