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How to avoid becoming the victim of adoption fraud

Adoption fraud is the illegal conduct or intentional misrepresentation of someone during an adoption for the perpetrator's financial or personal benefit. To avoid becoming a victim, potential adoptive parents in Texas should know that adoption scammers could be birth mothers, adoption agencies or adoption facilitators.

Adopting a child in Texas

Texas has enacted laws that potential adopters must follow if they wish to become the parent of a child. Because both the potential adopters and the child at the center of the adoption have certain rights, it is recommended that an attorney's advice be sought prior to beginning the process.

Court ruling could impact grandparents throughout state

From adoption to spousal support, there are all sorts of family law issues that some people have to deal with. However, for grandparents who are unable to visit their grandchildren, visitation can be especially emotional. In McKinney and throughout Texas, people who are in this position may want to thoroughly prepare for court and understand how family law can impact their ability to spend time with their grandchildren.

Father faces family law issue, seeks custody of daughter

In Texas, when either married or unmarried couples choose to separate, the fate of any children that resulted from these relationships may be determined by court. Parents often disagree about significant family law matters that will affect their children, such as custody or adoption arrangements.

Family law discrepancies claimed in $130M adoption lawsuit

When two parents decide to separate from one another, they are often faced with difficult decisions regarding the future care of their children. It is not uncommon for individuals to dispute important matters like custody, parental rights, adoption wishes or other similar factors. The final living arrangements are sometimes determined by state laws, which can vary — as with Texas and Utah, for example — and can sometimes lead to family law issues.

National Adoption Month highlights needs of foster children

All month long the entire country has been observing National Adoption Month to promote awareness for raising children in need. In Texas alone there are nearly half a million children who are currently in the foster care system. These young people are in need of stable and loving homes, and of parents to help raise them to become respectable citizens.

Supreme Court rules on Indian Child Welfare Act case

In 1978, the federal government established the Indian Child Welfare Act. The law was meant to protect the parental rights of Native American parents in Collin County, and throughout the U.S., whose children had been forcibly removed from their care. Prior to this family law being put into effect, a study showed that at least a quarter of all Native American children were being placed in foster care or put up for adoption for no reason other than ignorant child welfare laws.