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Baby boomer divorce rate has doubled in past 20 years

Current data shows Texas residents and others across the country who were born between 1946 and 1964 have been ending their marriages in court at double the rate of married couples in other age groups. There are reportedly several reasons for this. While deciding to divorce is an intensely personal matter, and every spousal relationship is unique, many baby boomers find they have a lot in common regarding what types of issues prompt them to sever marital ties.

Things to keep in mind when aiming for an amicable divorce

In Texas, as in most other states, many married couples will decide to end their unions during 2019 or beyond. Such a decision is personal and typically not one that is made lightly. Not every couple who files for divorce is entangled in a bitter fight where the goal is to get revenge before the other person does. In fact, many spouses simply want to negotiate a settlement and move on in life in as non-stressful a fashion as possible.

Divorce can be made less painful in Texas

Most couples in Texas do not get married with the anticipation of getting divorced. However, research shows that 40% to 50% of people who are married in the United States end up going through divorce. Although ending a marriage certainly is never simple, a couple of tips may help to make it a little easier.

Details of daughter's divorce shock Sarah Palin

Divorce can be a time of personal turmoil for people of any age, and in Texas, the number of young people going through the often difficult process continues to rise. Fans of the show "Teen Mom OG" recently got an inside look at the suffering of cast member Bristol Palin, and some of the revelations caused her mother, well-known politician Sarah Palin, to become emotional. Bristol is in the middle of a bitter divorce, and some of the details have become the subject of the show's plot.

Rock star's divorce grows inflammatory

When Texas couples decide they are ready to end their marriages, they will need to make themselves familiar with the state's legal process regarding the dissolution of marriage. Divorce can be a confusing endeavor, especially if the circumstances surrounding a split are less than amicable between the opposing spouses. Like each marriage, each divorce is different, and highly publicized celebrity divorces are no exception. 

Firefighter failed to finalize divorce, faces bigamy charges

For many Texas residents, their wedding day is likely remembered as one of the happiest days they will ever experience. Finding someone to share the rest of their lives with is an exciting and emotional journey. Though most couples make every effort to make sure both parties have disclosed any potential snags prior to tying the knot, unfortunately, sometimes pertinent information falls through the cracks, such as a divorce that has not been finalized, and the dishonesty or ignorance of one person can devastate the hopes and dreams of the other. 

Divorce can impact everyone differently

Texas residents are likely aware that the termination of a marriage can be an emotional journey as well as a legal one. Each divorce is different, and people may struggle to adapt to their new circumstances. Even in situations where a divorce is not contentious, people may find themselves overwhelmed with confusion. 

Missed alimony payments lead to discovery of fraud.

As the largest state in the nation, Texas is home to nearly 30 million residents. A beautiful backdrop of  scenic landscapes coupled with a unique culture makes Texas one of the most popular states in the nation to live, work and raise a family. While some people are able to maintain their 'American Dream,' not everyone is so fortunate. Sometimes, for myriad reasons, couples and families can find themselves in the midst of a divorce, and alimony is often a sticking point in the proceedings. 

New tax laws may affect couples who divorce

Texas couples may choose to end their marriage for a variety of reasons. Much like each marriage, every divorce is unique. Some divorcing couples may find the process to be straightforward, while others may find it a bit more complicated. Recently, new laws have changed the way alimony will be taxed. 

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Posts tagged "divorce"