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Committing to honest discussion may lower the cost of divorce

Texas residents who are ending their marriages often have trouble discussing important divorce issues with their ex-spouses, but some family law experts say that making the effort to do so could result in lower legal bills. In many cases, divorcing couples can easily accumulate thousands of dollars in legal fees and other expenses over the weeks or months that contentious negotiations or court proceedings might last.

Tax considerations for newly divorced parents

Divorced parents in Texas who are filing their tax returns for the first time after their divorce decree has been issued may be confused about the process. Before filling out a tax form, a single parent may want to consider some of the most important ways that their filing status and other matters might have changed.

Actor files for divorce, seeks joint custody

For many couples, divorce can lead to strong emotions, disagreements and considerable stress. However, those who are going through a high asset divorce may have an even more complicated separation. In McKinney, TX, people who are dealing with the end of a marriage should thoroughly review their options and do everything they can to prepare for divorce properly. From property division to child custody, there are many things that some people in this position have to consider.

Texas man allegedly thought his legal separation was a divorce

When two people come to the end of a marriage, they must participate in important legal processes that validate the termination of their marriage. If an individual fails to comprehend the implications and underlying principles associated with divorce, as well as its distinction from legal separation, they may later face negative legal repercussions.

Same-sex couples can now divorce just like everyone else

In 1996, the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was created and enacted on the federal level. Under this law, among other things, marriage was defined as between a man and a woman. Readers in Frisco may or may not have heard that the United States Supreme Court recently repealed DOMA. Many have rejoiced at the rights that will now be afforded to same-sex couples, which had been reserved only for opposite-sex couples. For same-sex couples in states that do not recognize gay marriage, however, there will not be much change, particularly when it comes to divorce.

Divorce clause prevents Texas woman from living with partner

The vast majority are probably of the belief that once a person divorces, they are rid of their ex. Obviously in instances when there are children involved where a former couple may have to interact on issues or for events related to the kids, but the ex certainly would not have a say in your future relationships and how you choose to live, within the law. Some divorce agreements, however, carry clauses that can greatly affect one’s future.