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Court ruling could impact grandparents throughout state

From adoption to spousal support, there are all sorts of family law issues that some people have to deal with. However, for grandparents who are unable to visit their grandchildren, visitation can be especially emotional. In McKinney and throughout Texas, people who are in this position may want to thoroughly prepare for court and understand how family law can impact their ability to spend time with their grandchildren.

Heiress to mega-retailer files for divorce

When it comes to separating from a spouse, there are many things that any couple should take into consideration, such as the financial impact of divorce, child custody and other family legal issues. However, a high asset divorce can be even more complicated when significant fortunes are at stake. As a result, people who are preparing for a divorce in McKinney or any other part of Texas should try to closely review various aspects of family law and thoroughly prepare for separation before moving forward.

Five Texas parents apprehended for failing to pay child support

When it comes to family law, a number of complications can arise when the divorce process is not approached properly. Furthermore, separating from a spouse can create a variety of family legal issues, such as child custody and spousal support. In McKinney, TX, families who have to deal with a marriage dissolution should try to evaluate their situation thoroughly, understand how state law could impact their case and find the best way to move forward. The outcome of a divorce can affect those involved for years to come and lead to various complications when certain issues, such as child support, are not addressed properly.

Grandparents experiencing family law issue seek visitation rights

In the state of Texas, many family legal issues stem from instances that relate to preserving a child’s best interest. While family law situations most often involve the parents of a child, they can also include matters like grandparents’ rights to visitation.

Divorced couple battles over children's surname

When dealing with children during and following a divorce, family law judges in Collin County and all throughout the nation must take the best interests of the children into question at all times in order to better protect them. Regardless of the wishes of the parents or how impassioned they are in their beliefs, if something may have a negative effect on a child’s future it should be avoided.

Sweetin, Coyle dispute custody and alimony in divorce filings

When couples in Collin County decide their marriage is no longer working, they often choose to divorce. In the majority of cases, there are issues that need to be sorted out in order to reach a settlement. Couples may disagree on things, including child custody, spousal support and property division, and require the assistance of a family law court to reach an agreement.

Houston parents have rights revoked after abandoning newborn

Family law courts are in place in order to reach fair settlements and look out for the best interests of those who become ensnared in family related legal disputes, specifically when the best interests of children are in question. When parents are found to be neglectful, or to not be putting the needs of their children first, family law courts may have to make difficult decisions regarding child custody and future parental rights.

Texas family law court to hear groundbreaking case

Over the years, the family landscape in America has grown and evolved. These changes have led to complexities for family law courts in McKinney and elsewhere. Whether readers view these changes as positive or negative, they have inarguably created brand new questions and issues for family law courts all across the U.S.