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Considering student loans during property division can be complex

In Texas, property that was obtained during a marriage is considered to be jointly owned by both spouses. Since Texas is a community property state, all marital assets are evenly split during a divorce. However, property that was acquired prior to the marriage, received as a gift or inherited by one spouse is considered separate property and will be retained by the owner.

Male military divorce rates stay static while female rates drop

It’s no surprise that marital relationships can seriously decline when a spouse is an active-duty military member. Serving our country is often associated with stressful situations, emotions that are difficult to process and being away from those you love—all of which can take a serious toll on a marriage, as some McKinney residents have come to find.

Texas Attorney General says same-sex divorces aren't legal

Earlier this year it seemed that same-sex couples would be given the right to legally divorce, just as a heterosexual couple can. However, recent opposition from the Texas Attorney General has thrown up a road block.

Texas multi-millionaire claims insolvency following divorce

A few years ago, a Texas hedge-fund CEO suspected his wife of having an affair. According to reports, he had tens of thousands of emails to use as proof against her. At one point he even believed that his business partner was the other man. Eventually he realized that he was wrong, but only after forcing his partner out of the company.

Many couples are choosing to separate instead of divorce

In years past, statistics indicated that around 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce. More recently, however, experts agree that those numbers are declining for a number of interesting reasons. While it would be nice to believe that more Texas couples are staying together, the truth is that outside factors are at play and are skewing what is really going on behind closed doors.

Higher rate of American baby boomers now divorcing

Fifty years ago divorce in Texas and nationwide was a much more taboo occurrence than it is now, with less than 3 percent of Americans choosing to divorce back then. People tended to stay together in unhappy marriages until one of the spouses passed away because a negative connotation was often attached to divorce. However, the current social conventions surrounding divorce dictate that those who are not in a relationship that works for them should seek companionship elsewhere. Interestingly, more than ever before baby boomers are beginning to adhere to these conventions as well.

Divorce finalized for San Antonio Spurs star, Tim Duncan and wife

Marriage can be difficult and, occasionally, two people may find that they no longer work as a married couple. When this happens, people will often file for divorce from their spouse to obtain a legal end to the marriage, allowing both parties the opportunity to move on however they choose. There is more to a divorce, however, than just filing the petition. A settlement must be reached finalizing the couple’s separation, including dividing marital resources, determining whether spousal support payments are in order and deciding child custody, among other details.

Director, Michael Moore files for divorce from producer wife

Sometimes it can seem like, for celebrities, marriages come and go like the seasons. There are those few, however, which seem to stand the test of time. Whether in Collin County, or some other locality, when one of these long-lasting marriages comes to an end, it is a sad and often complex process.

Same-sex couples can now divorce just like everyone else

In 1996, the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was created and enacted on the federal level. Under this law, among other things, marriage was defined as between a man and a woman. Readers in Frisco may or may not have heard that the United States Supreme Court recently repealed DOMA. Many have rejoiced at the rights that will now be afforded to same-sex couples, which had been reserved only for opposite-sex couples. For same-sex couples in states that do not recognize gay marriage, however, there will not be much change, particularly when it comes to divorce.

Divorce clause prevents Texas woman from living with partner

The vast majority are probably of the belief that once a person divorces, they are rid of their ex. Obviously in instances when there are children involved where a former couple may have to interact on issues or for events related to the kids, but the ex certainly would not have a say in your future relationships and how you choose to live, within the law. Some divorce agreements, however, carry clauses that can greatly affect one’s future.