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Tips for speedy marriage dissolution

Sometimes the only way out of an uncomfortable event is to just go through it. This concept may not be appealing to a person facing a divorce with somebody they no longer want to associate with. But marriage dissolution, when approached in a certain way, can be sped up to allow both parties their freedom a little bit sooner. Texas area individuals may find the following tips enlightening as they move through a divorce. 

Americans more familiar with family law, feel divorce is moral

Perhaps not surprisingly, American attitudes about divorce are shifting. Some researchers have determined the increased approval of divorce to be part of an overall leftward shift on social values. Increased numbers of divorce have also led Americans to be more familiar with family law. A recently released Gallup poll shows the increase in morally acceptability of divorce. Those in Texas who are considering divorce may take heart in the poll's findings. 

Supreme Court clarifies family law for divorced military couples

A question of how pension and disability benefits are distributed between divorcing military couples has recently been answered by the Supreme Court. Many military couples in Texas and all across the nation had been facing this issue, with varied responses from the states. However, a May ruling put the question to rest for good and provided a consistent guideline to be applied by family law practitioners. 

Texas: Marriage dissolution and Social Security

Some Texas couples may be wondering how divorce can affect their financial future. Many people are familiar with financial concerns of marriage dissolution such as property and debt, but may forget about how divorce factors into the distribution of their Social Security. Divorce impacts Social Security benefits in a few ways. 

Proposed law could be boon for fathers seeking fair custody terms

In a recent news story, a 37-year-old father who lives in Texas made an interesting observation. He pointed out that when you divorce, everything is divided evenly; everything that is but parenting time. The man says that thus far he has shelled out in the neighborhood of $80,000 in the last four years in an effort to secure more child custody time with his 10-year-old son whom he had in a previous marriage.

More grandparents raising children due to opioid epidemic

At present, the scourge of opioid addiction is taking a terrible toll on many of our fellow citizens. A recent estimate placed the number of people addicted to opioids at 2.4 million. Serious drug addiction was once primarily considered a problem among those in economically depressed areas. But opioid addiction, that often results from prescription painkiller use, has become a serious problem across the economic spectrum.

Working on a postnup could help your marriage

Every marriage has lulls during which spouses do not get along as well as they might. And when a couple is having such difficulties there can be a tendency to keep communications to a minimum. But when silence begins to dominate a relationship, so too can distrust and misunderstandings. Ultimately, if communication isn't restored, a marriage can turn toxic, leaving both partners unhappy.

Domestic abusers can control victims through finances, part 2

In our last post on this blog, we discussed the ways in which an abusive spouse could control you through financial sabotage. But that post only told half the story. The other half of the story is how you can thwart these efforts and once again become a free individual. But if you have already been financially compromised, you may have to take some preparatory steps before you make your break.

Domestic abusers can control victims through finances, part 1

Physical and mental abuse are the two most commonly acknowledged aspects of domestic abuse. Abusers seek to control their partners through intimidation in any way they find effective. Of course, hitting, threatening and demeaning someone can have a devastating effect. But there is another way in which an abuser can control his or her partner; by keeping them financially compromised.

Holiday stress can trigger alcohol-related domestic violence

For many, the holidays are a time of gatherings and celebrations. And alcohol is often a part of the festivities. But while beer, wine, and other such beverages may enhance a party atmosphere or serve to help people relax, there is also a very dark side to drinking. The sad fact is, some people lose control and even become violent when they have had too much to drink. And these violent tendencies are far too often unleashed on a loved one.