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The basics of spousal support

Spousal support (or "alimony" and "spousal maintenance") are payments by one spouse to the other to maintain their standard of living. These support payments are typically ordered during and after a divorce. A court sometimes orders it. However, couples can also agree beforehand on set rates for spousal support. This article will go over the basics of how spousal support is calculated.

If you are considering divorce, consider divorce planning

Most people who decide to divorce their spouse simply announce their intentions. However, spouses who carefully consider the implications of their divorces and the divorce process often commit to divorce planning before telling their partners. By spending some time planning for your divorce, you will likely find that you are better equipped to ensure the protection of your interests should your divorce end up in a Texas courtroom.

Which legal actions are heard in family law courts in Texas?

When most Texas residents think of family law, they think of divorce. However, family law encompasses many more legal topics than simply divorce. In fact, in Texas and all other states, family law courts have jurisdiction over a broad range of matters.

Texas court recognizes same-sex common law marriage

Common law marriage is where two people are legally married even though they did not have a marriage ceremony and do not have a marriage license. A couple that is common law married has the same rights and responsibilities as other married couples. Not all states recognize the concept of common law marriage. Texas is one of the states that does.

Adopting a foreign-born orphan

For many individuals and couples in Texas, adopting an orphan from another country may be something they have dreamed about doing for a long time. On the other hand, it may be something you have only recently started considering for one reason or another. Either way, it is important to understand the process of international adoption.

How temporary orders can affect your case

If you filed a divorce case or a child custody case in family court, you probably are anxious for it to be over. Final orders in a family court case can take months or sometimes even years. Fortunately, Texas courts allow you to ask for temporary orders. These are orders that are put in place until the final orders.

Filing for annulment in Texas

When Texas couples find that their marriage is coming to an end, the normal course of action to resolve the dispute is a divorce. This can be a long, messy process, however, one that couples may want to avoid. One way to do so is by getting an annulment. There are certain criteria that much be met, however.

Separate and marital property in Texas

In Texas, when a couple gets married, any property that they obtain during their marriage will belong to both parties. This means that any real estate or financial assets that are obtained are considered to be marital property and can be divided fairly between both sides should they get a divorce.

Grandparent custody rights in the state of Texas

The state of Texas recognizes that a strong bond between a child and grandparent can be beneficial for the child. A grandparent may be granted custody of a child if certain criteria have been met. For instance, if the parent has abused or neglected the child, it may be grounds to grant grandparent visitation or custody.

How can a spousal support order be modified?

Though spousal maintenance in Texas is intended to level the playing field after a couple divorces, it is sometimes necessary to amend the order after it has been issued. In such cases, it can be useful to have an understanding of the procedure to do so and what factors a court will look for when deciding upon the petition.