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Authorities offer reward for tips about child support fugitive

When Texas residents think of the term "fugitive," they may immediately imagine a person on the run, attempting to evade authorities after a violent crime or a robbery. While this is sometimes the case, police take other crimes just as seriously, including non-payment of child support. While most parents are likely aware that child support orders are legally binding, they may not understand that failure to make timely payments can result in the same sorts of serious penalties as other serious crimes. 

Willful failure to pay child support is a crime

Texas parents are probably aware that the costs of raising children continue to increase. In the case of parents that maintain separate households, a child support order may be put into place by a family court. Child support is a payment made to the custodial parent by the noncustodial parent, meant to contribute toward the financial needs of any children involved. The amount of the payments may remain the same, or may be adjusted to allow for changes in income or custody plans. 

Child support enforcement can affect adult lives

Many Texas residents are aware that when parents choose to live separately, it is common to face a period of adjustment in which the best interest of all children involved must be determined. Typically, these proceedings include a child support order. While in most cases, financial support of a child is easily resolved, on some occasions it may become a tangled web of complications. 

Accurate child support can rely on appropriate business valuation

When two people separate, sometimes the most valuable asset is the family business. It can be challenging to determine the exact value of a business and also to decide how it will be handled in a divorce. For some individuals in Texas, the value of the business can affect the amount of calculated child support payments. 

Gig economy makes child support enforcement tougher

It seems like everyone is freelancing these days. With the rise of the gig economy, some parents are finding it easier to avoid having support payments taken from their paychecks. In order to bolster child support enforcement, states are looking at ways to make employers more likely to report their employees to collection agencies. In Texas, as of 2015, companies are now mandated to report new contractor hires to the child support database.

Child support enforcement escalates case of former Texas man

A well-traveled man is facing charges related to unpaid support payments for his alleged child. The man, a former Texas resident, who has also resided in several other states, was arrested by federal officials after failing to pay his court-ordered payments. The child support enforcement case was escalated to the federal level since his child lives in another state. 

Texas child support enforcement pulls violator's registrations

If you don't pay, you don't drive. For almost a year the Texas Office of the Attorney General (OAG) has terminated the vehicle registrations of parents behind on their child support payments. The child support enforcement initiative has resulted in numerous registration denials and has apparently increased the amount of support paid to children in the state. 

Texas man faces child support bill despite not being the father

If any question arises relating to paternity within a family, it can be easily resolved with a DNA test. After a paternity test, it can be determined whether a man is the birth father of a child and whether he is responsible for supporting the child. An unusual case in Texas is illustrating a rare exception to this rule. The man has been determined not to be the father, but still may be held accountable for child support payments. 

New program eases need for child support enforcement

Innocent children do not need to bear the brunt of lapsed support payments with a new program, which is in effect in another state. Parents who may struggle to get to payment locations in a timely manner may have their fears of child support enforcement relieved, and custodial parents will receive needed support on time. Texas families will be interested to learn about the new program that allows parents to make child support payments in local convenience stores. 

More states embrace child support leniency for inmates

For the most part, local, state and federal agencies all come together on one thing, When it comes to vulnerable children, they all want what is in the best interest of the child. Sometimes, the best interest of the child may take an unexpected route, such as allowing incarcerated parents the ability to waive or reduce their child support payments while they are in jail. Many states, including Texas, have some type of provision for this exact circumstance. One southern state recently proposed a bill that waives child support payments while a parent is incarcerated in hopes that released convicts will resume child support payments sooner upon release. 

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