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Grandparent custody rights in the state of Texas

The state of Texas recognizes that a strong bond between a child and grandparent can be beneficial for the child. A grandparent may be granted custody of a child if certain criteria have been met. For instance, if the parent has abused or neglected the child, it may be grounds to grant grandparent visitation or custody.

Changing child support court orders

Child support orders in Texas are decreed by the court and have the full force of the law behind them. Even if the divorcing parents have reached complete agreement as to possession, access and conservatorship, their arrangement must be put into the proper documentary format and provided to the court for approval. After approval, their arrangements become official court orders and must be complied with until they are changed. Changing them is not necessarily a complex process, but it must be carried out correctly.

What happens if a spouse does not pay child support?

Child support laws in Texas can be complex, so it can be helpful for anyone who is court ordered to make support payments to understand the system. In most situations, a noncustodial parent will be required by the court to make child support payments every month. Once the family court has issued this order, a noncustodial parent can face legal consequences if they do not make their payments on time.

Finalizing a divorce in Texas

When a divorce in Texas is finalized, a judge will enter a divorce decree. The items in the decree may have been determined by the judge overseeing the case or the couple may have come to their own divorce agreement. If the couple comes to an agreement on their own, the judge will ask them some basic questions before entering the decree into the court's records.

Determining child support awards in Texas

Texas child support laws require the noncustodial parent to provide support until the child is 18 or graduates high school, whichever is later. For disabled children, this obligation may be indefinite. Child support awards are based on the net income of the noncustodial parent.

Prenuptial agreement challenged in high-asset divorce

Married or soon-to-be married couples in Texas can take heed from this example of a divorcing spouse challenging an 11-year-old prenuptial agreement. The agreement stipulated that the wife would receive a one-time payment of one percent of the husband's assets in the event of divorce. The wife has filed to overturn the agreement and proceed with routine property division under Illinois state law. At the same time, she filed for sole custody of their three children and relocation rights. Her specific charges against the prenuptial agreement's validity may be worth the attention of Texas couples.

The benefits of prenuptial agreements

When two people decide to get married in Texas, they may not be considering a prenuptial agreement. However, according to a recent article, the documents are apparently gaining in popularity, suggesting that many individuals wish to protect their rights and their separate property.

What constitutes grounds for divorce in Texas?

Many couples may benefit from understanding more about what constitutes as grounds for divorce in their state. Texas Family Code cites seven specific scenarios that may justify the court in granting a divorce. The scenarios that qualify as grounds for divorce include insupportability, cruelty, adultery, felony convictions, abandonment, living apart or confinement in a mental hospital.

Child support covers a variety of expenses

Texas parents who pay or receive child support may be interested to learn more about what custodial parents are allowed to use child support payments to cover. Child support may be used to cover a variety of different expenses, and perhaps the most important expenses fall into the category of basic necessities. These include food, clothing, shoes, rent or mortgage payments and utility bills.

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Posts tagged "Child support"