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Supreme Court rules on Indian Child Welfare Act case

In 1978, the federal government established the Indian Child Welfare Act. The law was meant to protect the parental rights of Native American parents in Collin County, and throughout the U.S., whose children had been forcibly removed from their care. Prior to this family law being put into effect, a study showed that at least a quarter of all Native American children were being placed in foster care or put up for adoption for no reason other than ignorant child welfare laws. 

Houston parents have rights revoked after abandoning newborn

Family law courts are in place in order to reach fair settlements and look out for the best interests of those who become ensnared in family related legal disputes, specifically when the best interests of children are in question. When parents are found to be neglectful, or to not be putting the needs of their children first, family law courts may have to make difficult decisions regarding child custody and future parental rights.

Texas family law court to hear groundbreaking case

Over the years, the family landscape in America has grown and evolved. These changes have led to complexities for family law courts in McKinney and elsewhere. Whether readers view these changes as positive or negative, they have inarguably created brand new questions and issues for family law courts all across the U.S.

Texas considers major changes for family member visitation rights

Family laws are in place in order to protect families and ensure the best interests of all children are looked out for. As laws become outdated or the need for change arises, lawmakers develop and consider new bills to better serve and protect families. Support is mounting for a bill supporting grandparents' rights that currently is being deliberated on by a judiciary committee in Texas' House of Representatives. If passed, the bill could have major ramifications on the future family law landscape in Texas, as well as other states.

Texas Supreme Court decision could allow same-sex divorces

In recent months, debates over same-sex marriage have heated up in states all across the country. A much less discussed topic, however, is what happens when a same-sex marriage comes to an end. With so much contention over the legality of gay marriage, it has made dissolving a same-sex marriage all the more difficult.

Staged abduction will likely cost mom custody of her child

Some situations dictate the need for a more responsible individual to look out for the best interests of a child. Circumstances such as one or both parents mistreating the child, using drugs or abusing alcohol could give the courts just cause to remove a child from the care of their parents. When neither parent is capable of properly caring for a child, family law courts in Texas and other U.S. states may award custody to another family member or to an outside party.

3 children back home in McKinney divorce case gone awry

When a marriage ends, there is usually a reason why. Often, the couple is not on good terms with each other when divorce proceedings begin. Hurt feelings and differences of opinion can create tense situations both inside and outside the courtroom. Family law courts in Texas and other states often issue orders during these proceedings in an effort to reduce tensions and keep the situation under control.

Texas divorce: should you keep or sell the house?

Out of the many issues to consider when divorcing in Texas, one of the most emotionally driven topics is the family home. For many people, it is the place where marriages blossomed, families grew and good memories were made -- so it is understandable that making the decision to keep or sell the home may be a difficult one.

Healing after a volatile divorce

Making the choice to divorce in Texas is rarely a hasty one. The decision usually takes a fair share of consideration and emotional investment. It is no wonder, then, that the process can become highly emotional or even outright vicious. Although not every divorce is hostile, when it happens, there are ways to cope with the emotional stress.

Better parenting after divorce

Parents in and around McKinney know the importance of parenting when it comes to the development of their children. So when a couple decide to divorce, it can obviously be a difficult situation when it comes to the children involved. Parents often think about what the future may bring in terms of the child custody arrangements, parenting rights, their children's happiness and their ability to be good parents.

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Posts tagged "Family Law"