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Child support delinquency could mean no driving

If you live in Texas, you are probably aware of the new system lawmakers have been implementing regarding vehicle registration renewal. It has been dubbed the Texas Two-Step, and it was designed to make vehicle registration renewal more efficient by smoothing out the process. However, along with the changes to the registration process have come additional provisions for registration, including sanctions designed to hinder people who are behind on their child support payments.

Can I modify my child support payments in Texas?

Child support can oftentimes be a controversial subject for divorcing couples. In some instances, neither party feels that the child support payments are fair, but it is important to remember that courts calculate child support based on the best interests of the child. Whatever your child support payments may be, they are to help the growth and development of your child. However, courts still try to make the payments fair and reasonable to you, and just as circumstances can change, so, too, can child support payments.

Delinquent child support could prevent you from driving

Child support is an extremely controversial issue for nearly every couple that has experience with it. In many instances, neither party can seem to agree on how much is fair: the parent with primary custody of the child feels that he or she needs more money to provide for the child, while the parent paying the majority of the child support cannot see how such a large percentage of income is necessary.

Are child support calculators accurate?

If you are a noncustodial parent, you may be curious about how much child support you will be required to pay, or how exactly that number is even determined. If you are the custodial parent, you may be curious how the number is determined because it could show you how key changes in the noncustodial parent's life can affect the support you receive for your child. In either case, understanding how child support is calculated can only help you.

Can I receive child support from an incarcerated parent?

If you have a child with a parent who is now incarcerated, you actually can and should still receive child support payments, provided you are raising the children. However, the amount of child support can be modified or lowered if appealed. That's because it is calculated as a percentage of the income made by the noncustodial parent.

Are you worried about child support? We can ease your mind.

When parents in Texas divorce or separate, child support becomes part of their lives. In the initial stages of a divorce or separation, worries about child support also become part of many parents? lives. At the law firm of Barbara L. Jouette, Attorney, P.C., our goal is to ease your mind by providing you with information and answers to all of your child support-related questions.

Child support necessary to the livelihood of many in Texas

Custodial parents across the state of Texas are dependent upon child support for their families' financial security. When non-custodial parents fail to make their court-ordered child support payments, those depending on those funds suffer. Fortunately, for parents who find themselves without the money they need to care for their children, help is available.

Obtaining child support modifications in Texas

Parents across Texas, who are not married to or in a relationship with their child's other parent, know that child support can often mean the difference between financial security and financial ruin. Those who depend on their child support payments to put food on their table and a roof over their head may sometimes need to request more child support when their situation changes. If you need more child support to care for your child, you may want to learn more about child support modifications.

How do I approximate how much I will pay for child support?

If you are new to the parenting scene or are newly divorced, you probably have concerns regarding the well-being of your child and want to have as much to do with the child or children as you can. If you do not have full custody, you will likely be expected to contribute financially to the support of your child. That can be disconcerting when the decision is out of your hands and in the hands of the court. Understanding how child support is essentially determined may help you garner an idea of what will be expected of you and how to budget accordingly.

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Posts tagged "child support"