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Coping with a later-in-life divorce

As people age, they often take time to reflect on their life and their past decisions. Many married couples may find themselves with additional time on their hands as their children become adults and start their own lives. For many in Texas, it is a time of realization that their hopes and plans for the future are no longer compatible with those of their spouse, prompting them to seek a divorce.

Radio show host Ira Glass files for divorce

Many people in Texas have an image in their head of the average life of a couple. In this image, at least one -- if not both -- of the spouses likely goes to work each morning and returns at the end of the workday. The idyllic couple may or may not have children, but their schedules typically somewhat correspond, allowing them to spend quality time with one another. However, this is not the case for every couple. Hectic work schedules, for example, may make it difficult for a couple to balance their relationship, sometimes resulting in a divorce.

High profile couple argue over property division

When some people marry, they decide to look realistically at their financial situation and life in general. To help protect their assets in the event of a divorce, many choose to create a prenuptial agreement before the wedding. While such documents have much value, many people in Texas have found that ambiguous agreements can create, rather than reduce, conflict. An out-of-state couple who separated almost 10 years ago are still waiting for a decision to be made over property division.

Parents continue family picture tradition following divorce

Some people in Texas are unhappy in their marriage. Unfortunately, the misconception that a divorce is inherently bitter and contentious can often lead people to delay ending their marriage, especially if there are children involved. However, many parents are able to put their differences aside for the sake of their children even after their marriage has ended, helping them to understand that they have the love and support of both their parents.

Man could go to jail for failing to pay alimony

When couples in Texas marry, they likely never envision a time when they will no longer want to be in a relationship together. However, as times passes, relationships change, and a decision may be made that a divorce is in the best interest of both people. There are, at times, strong emotions entangled with the dissolution of a marriage, sometimes making matters regarding property division contentious and ongoing. In fact, one out-of-state man faces imprisonment after he allegedly failed to pay his ex-wife alimony.

Certain behaviors could be precursors to divorce

The words "marriage" and "easy" are rarely associated with each other. The fact is, sustaining a marriage is one of the most difficult things two people can do in the best of circumstances. But if one of the partners has stopped trying to make things work, the chances of a marriage remaining healthy are reduced to nearly zero.

Your spouse may have hid assets prior to filing divorce papers

Typically, filing for divorce is not a spontaneous act. Often a spouse prepares for many months prior to announcing the desire to split. And if you were recently presented with divorce papers, bear in mind that your spouse likely had been planning to make the move for some time.

Do you need a prenuptial agreement to protect your ideas?

Before you ask, yes, prenuptial agreements (“prenups”) can and do protect ideas during divorces. Prenuptial agreements can divide up almost anything that is created, earned, or develops during the marriage. People use prenups to decide who gets the pets on which day and how to care for them. Prenups can be used for almost anything (except illegal activity).

How can I avoid becoming too emotional after my divorce?

Sometimes a divorce is the resolution of long-standing conflicts and resentments that are felt by both parties. In other instances, only one spouse wants to split, leaving the other devastated and confused. But regardless of the underlying circumstances, a divorce can cause emotional turmoil. So if you are facing a parting of the ways with your spouse, it is very important to find ways to minimize the psychological stress.

What to do about the house when divorcing

One of the hardest things you will have to do when divorcing is deciding who gets the house. Because it is such a high-value asset, a house can be the source of tremendous contention. And some people have an emotional attachment to their home and find the thought of giving it up quite upsetting. But typically, it is best to take a pragmatic approach when figuring out how the house will be handled in the final property settlement.

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