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New program helps children cope with divorce

All too often, children in Texas are caught in the crossfire of their divorcing parents. Even if the divorce is amicable, it can be tough for a child to know which parent to support and how to live in two homes. As just about anyone with children knows, however, kids are often masters of disguise. You may never know just how much your kid is struggling with the fact that their parents just don’t love each other anymore, sometimes blaming themselves. But a new computer program has emerged that will help children cope, even when it seems they are handling everything just fine.

Your marriage was special; your divorce is unique

With rare exceptions, people do not get married anticipating divorce. The very nature of traditional marriage vows suggest the expectation of a lifetime commitment. But as the ancient proverb states, "The end is not always visible from the beginning" -- and if you find yourself having to undo a marriage, regardless of the reason, you may find that because you did not plan ahead for it you now have many questions about what to do now that divorce is upon you. 

Swedish study shows benefits of joint custody for children

Parents in Texas who are divorcing might be told that children do better if one parent has primary physical custody instead of the child moving back and forth between two parents with joint physical custody. Many people believe that doing so is too disruptive to the child. However, according to a study from Sweden, children suffer less stress if they split their time between their parents instead of living with only one.

Protect retirement assets during divorce

It is important for people in Texas who are going through a divorce to make sure that their future retirement is protected. Although experts generally advise that people should save enough to live on around 70 percent of their income prior to retirement, the financial ramifications of divorce can often mean that many people struggle thereafter to keep their retirement plans on track.

Tax implications of alimony

As many Texas residents may know, alimony has implications for income tax. Both the payer and the payee need to indicate the amount he or she paid in alimony and the amount that was received. Beyond that, it is necessary to provide the Social Security number of the other party on one's tax return, without which a penalty may be assigned. If the divorce settlement specifies that any payments are not alimony, then they are not considered alimony when filing income tax.

Study shows divorce rate increase when wife falls seriously ill

Texas residents may be interested in a study that looks at how serious illness of one spouse can affect a marriage. The results suggested that couples were more likely to divorce when the wife became ill, as opposed to the husband.

How to complete an uncontested divorce in Texas

In Texas, a divorce case can be uncontested if one of two criteria are met. The first is that both parties agree to the divorce and are in agreement regarding all related issues. The second alternative is when the other party has not responded to legal paperwork regarding the request for a divorce.

Committing to honest discussion may lower the cost of divorce

Texas residents who are ending their marriages often have trouble discussing important divorce issues with their ex-spouses, but some family law experts say that making the effort to do so could result in lower legal bills. In many cases, divorcing couples can easily accumulate thousands of dollars in legal fees and other expenses over the weeks or months that contentious negotiations or court proceedings might last.

Tax considerations for newly divorced parents

Divorced parents in Texas who are filing their tax returns for the first time after their divorce decree has been issued may be confused about the process. Before filling out a tax form, a single parent may want to consider some of the most important ways that their filing status and other matters might have changed.

Using alternative dispute resolution in a divorce

Texas residents who are seeking a divorce may be interested in some alternatives to litigation for resolving their disputes. While the court usually has the final word, the parties may be able to take their situation in their own hands to get a more fair outcome.

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Posts tagged "divorce"